Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jesus Ascends to Heaven

My class continues to grow. Sunday AM I had 12 in attendance. Out of those, 5 were visitors. Three of my regulars were either sick or out of town. We'll see what happens tonight. I'm pretty sure one of my students is still out of town.

The only problem with all of the extra students is that I can't seem to get a handle on getting the ones that moved up into the routine of our class. If I take out time to talk to them about our class, the visitors get nothing out of it. It is as if I have 3 groups of kids: the original 5 kids, the new 4 kids and whatever visitors we have. I got to do a little of introducing the stations and the project folders Sunday AM. Since our Wednesday PM class is about 15 minutes longer, I should get it done tonight.

Tonight we will get into the book of Acts. We'll be talking about the first chapter where Jesus ascends into heaven.

My lesson plan:

Time at Stations:
Encourage the kids to start at the stations when they come to class. Let them spend 5 or 10 minutes at them after class starts.

Acts cards -- We have the same kind of cards for Acts that we had for the NT. We will be learning something out of each chapter of Acts. We'll do Acts 1 -- the ascension. I didn't get to this Sunday AM. I've got to do it tonight.

Today's lesson: Review the crucifixion, resurrection and talk about the ascension. I want to make sure the kids understand the importance of this. I've been trying to bring it all back to Genesis when Adam and Eve sinned and so lost their relationship with God. Jesus death, burial and resurrection is what will bring all those who obey back into a right relationship with God.

Pass out Project Folders -- Do the first verse of The Unknown God together (copy in project folder). Work on this a little more.

Recite (in unison): I would like to work systematically with the Unknown God (Acts 17). It is longer than most of the passages we memorize, but it is one of my favorites.

Sing: We sang Richard Morrison's RESURRECTION Sunday AM. It went very well with our lesson. I have it made into a large poster and it is hung on the wall. We'll probably sing it again tonight. If we have time, we'll try to get to Is It I? Also I Will Sing (another song I wrote -- I hope to have it online soon)

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