Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trials of Jesus

Things don't always turn out as planned. Wednesday night I had to get a substitute. My 4 year old was not feeling well. I would normally get one of the older boys to stay with him, but they love their Bible class so much, they didn't want to miss it. I called on a good friend to help out.
That means that I didn't get to do what I had planned. I know she covered Peter denying Jesus, but we'll review it tomorrow. Our lesson is to be about the trials of Jesus and you can't talk about them without talking about Peter's denial.

The old saying is true: You learn more when you teach than when you're a student. This lesson intimidated me a little. I've always been a little fuzzy on the details and order of events when it comes to the trials of Jesus. The kids I'm teaching are old enough that deserve more than just a quick overview of what happened. As I was studying tonight, it all pretty much fell in to place. I'll be using Matthew's and Luke's account to teach tomorrow.

The lesson is going to be pretty long and I want to make sure we have enough time to discuss it thoroughly. We won't be spending any time at the stations during class.

My lesson plan:

Today's lesson: Trials of Jesus

Review the New Testament cards on the wall. Add 1 and 2 and 3rd John. Since I wasn't in class Wednesday night, we didn't get to this. We'll try and do it in the morning.

Sing: Is It I? Click on the title to see the song. I finally put it on the website.

Recite (in unison): The Lord's Supper (Matthew 26:26-30)

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