Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17-31)

We had a very interesting discussion in class Wednesday night about the rich man and Lazarus. This age (11-12 year olds) are a great age to teach. They have some very thought provoking questions. They wanted to know about the 2nd coming, what Heaven will be like and so on. I told them that they were asking excellent questions and that many Bible scholars continue to ask the same questions. I also told them that God told us what He wanted us to know. The rest we have to assume that God didn't want us to know. Our faith in God is what's important, not whether or not we know all the answers.

Today's lesson will be on The Rich Young Ruler. It is mentioned in Matthew, Mark and Luke. I usually like to read from all the gospels when the story is found in them, but today, we'll read from Mark. All the accounts are very similar and I think we're going to need all the time we can get.

I plan on starting class reviewing God's plan. We need to talk about the first sin, the promises given to Abraham, and the fulfillment of the 1st promise when God gave the Israelites a law. I want to briefly go on and remind them of when the 2nd promise was fulfilled (Joshua and the Israelites conquered the land) and then remind them that the Jews are looking for the promised messiah that will be fulfilled in Christ. This is important not only to keep reminding them of the big picture, but because the law is mentioned in the story of the rich young ruler.

After the review, we'll read in our Bibles (Mark 10:17-31). I actually want to back up a little bit and read the story of Jesus blessing the children. Not because it has anything to do with the lesson for the day, but because it is something they've heard all their life and I want them to read for themselves (and questions if they want) from the Bible.

The last part of the lesson (if we have time), we'll talk about Jesus predicting his death again. As we head into the last week of Jesus' life, they need to know that all of this was part of God's plan, not an accident that God had not intended to happen.

My Lesson Plan:

Let them spend time in the stations.

Today's lesson: The Rich Young Ruler

Review the New Testament cards on the wall. We finally got Titus on the wall. Now we'll add Philemon. I know we won't have time today, we'll do it Wednesday. If I take it off the lesson plan, I'll forget to add it later.

Sing: Ressurrection

Recite (in unison): The Good Shepherd and Psalms 23 -- we actually got to do this Wednesday night. We'll try to fit at least one of them in today.

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