Saturday, May 26, 2007

The 2nd Temple Cleansing (Matthew 21:12-17)

Wednesday night I sat down to the computer to write my lesson plan. For some reason my computer decided not to let me type. I could do anything else on the computer but type. So, I went to class with no written lesson plan. Thankfully, the computer has given me permission to type, so we'll have a written lesson plan in the morning.

Our lesson for tomorrow is about the 2nd temple cleansing. It is found in Matthew 21:12-17, Mark 11:15-19 and Luke 19:45-48. I'll be reading from the passage in Matthew during class. Before I read the lesson, we'll review the 1st temple cleansing and read about it (John 2:13-22).

After reviewing the 1st temple cleansing and reading about the 2nd temple cleansing, we'll turn to Isa 56:7 and Jeremiah 7:11 to read the scripture Jesus quotes.

My Lesson Plan:

Let them spend time in the stations.

Today's lesson: 2nd Temple Cleansing

Review the New Testament cards on the wall. Add Hebrews.

Sing: I started teaching them a song that I wrote last Wed. We'll continue working on it. It is called Is It I?

Recite (in unison): The Word is God -- John 1

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