Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Blind Man Healed (John 9)

Today's lesson will cover the blind man that was healed on the Sabbath. We will also talk about The Good Shepherd from John 10. The kids are memorizing John 10:14-18 and Psalms 23. Our class time is short on Sunday mornings, so I hope we can get it all in. They may not have time to go to their stations.

My Lesson Plan:

Sing: The Lord's My Shepherd
(I don't have the correct version in front of me. There are 2 in the Hymns For Worship)

Review the miracles from John that we've discussed so far.
Turning water into wine. John 2:1
Nobleman's son healed John 4:46
Man healed at the pool of Bethesda John 5:1
Feeding the 5000 John 6:1
Jesus Walks on the water John 6:15
Blind man healed John 9:1

Today's lesson: The blind man healed and Jesus the good shepherd

Review the New Testament cards on the wall. Add Titus.

Let them spend time in the stations.

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