Wednesday, January 31, 2007

John The Baptist's Ministry

Our lesson tonight will be about John The Baptist. We've already talked about his miraculous birth and the events that surrounded it. Tonight, after a little review, we'll talk about how he lived, what he taught and. most important, how he prepared the way for Jesus.

Our text for tonight will be Matthew 3:1-12; Mark 1:1-8; Luke 3:1-20; and John 1:1-28. This is the first class we will need to read from all 4 gospels. I plan to tell about John in my own words and then to read from the scripture. I usually throw out impromptu question to see if they are understanding what we're reading. They are usually on top of things and answer them well.

My Lesson Plan:

Sing: Tell Me The Story of Jesus -- This went over better Sunday AM. I started talking to them about why we sing. I told them we sing to teach and encourage each other and to praise God. I told them that if they didn't want to sing, they must not want to teach or encourage anyone, and they must not want to praise God. Well, they all sang -- I hope with a willing a heart.

Review what we've studied so far.

Today's lesson: John The Baptist. I pretty much went over what I was going to teach above. I also want to go ahead and tell about Herod arresting him, since it is in the Luke reading. The rest of the story (his beheading) will be talked about in depth later.

Review the New Testament cards on the wall. We've done the 4 gospels. They are learning them very well. I want to encourage them to memorize (or at least become very familiar with) the key verses. This isn't in our list of things to memorize this quarter. There are a couple of kids that think the other memory work is way easy, so maybe they will be challenged by this.

Before they go to their stations, I will go over the Wise Man/Foolish Man passage. We will read it aloud and go over one of the activities at the station. We'll do this again, and talk in detail about what this passage means. I will encourage them to not only be able to say it from memory, but to write it from memory. There are forms at each station they can do this on.

Let them spend time in the stations.

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