Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Birth of Christ

I didn't have time to write a lesson plan for Sunday AM. We studied the birth of John. We read Luke 1:57-80. Tonight we will be studying the birth of Christ. This is such a pivotal story in the Bible. The prophets have been prophesying of His coming since the beginning. I will take some time tonight to retell the Bible story again from the beginning. I want to do this from time to time so we don't forget the big picture.

My Lesson Plan:

Tell the story of Jesus beginning with Creation
. Actually, I want to begin with John 1:1 and following. This review will go all the way to the story for tonight -- Jesus' birth.

Introduce the new folder activity for Bible lesson review station. It is about what is fact or fiction about the birth of Christ.

New Testament book pictures. We introduced Mark Sunday AM. We'll review the 2 we've done (Matthew and Mark) and encourage them to begin working in their project folder on the NT book section.

There are quite a few new folder activities in the various stations. I will introduce one for the Wise Man. It has pictures of Bible characters on cards. The cards have scripture on the back. The student is supposed to look up the scripture and read it. Then they are to decide if the character was being wise or foolish in that passage.

The rest of the class will be spent at the stations.

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