Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Paul Teaches About Jesus

Tonight's lesson will be about Paul's first journey. We'll talk about how Paul and Barnabas went on the journey to teach about Jesus. We'll talk about how some people listened and were happy with what they heard, while others got very angry. We'll talk about how Paul did miracles (specifically made the lame man walk on the first journey).

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and the The B-I-B-L-E with sign language. Also sing My God Is So Big and God Made The Round Round Sun.

Magnetic Puzzle -- The Conversion of Saul
Sing: Saul/Paul. I haven't gotten this song online yet.

Review the past 2 lessons with the popup book. I finally got the first 2 pages of this book ready for class. The first page is about Paul's letters and the second is about Saul's conversion and changing his name to Paul.

Paul Flip Chart

Do the Snip n tell about the lame man walking. The book actually has this being used with the story of Peter healing the lame man, but tonight it will be used with Paul.

Attendance chart: Each child will add another scroll to their picture of Paul.

Let the children pretend "baptizing" the plastic man (I think he's technically Moses). There is a plastic shoe box sized container filled with water that we use for this.

Sing songs: The Bright Red Crab and Bumbling Bumble Bee or others of their choosing.

Review previous lessons with the Song Timeline.

End class with a prayer. Let each child that wants to say a prayer