Sunday, August 13, 2006

Parables -- The Lost Son

Wed PM's class was fun. I pulled the shepherd's hats out of the David box. Three of the kids wore them nearly the entire class. I had hidden toy sheep around the room earlier that day. Well, they were found before class ever started. We rehid them and they got to look for them again.

This week we'll talk about the Lost Son. I know that traditionally this is called The Prodigal Son, but that's a word that my 3 and 4 year olds don't know, so I'm going to use language they understand. Like the last 2 lessons, this one emphasizes that we can return to Jesus, and that He is happy when we do. There are lots of other lessons to bring out in this particular parable (jealous, faithful son), but we're going to keep it very basic.

I looked in my toddler box about the Prodigal Son and found a great flip chart and a peek box that I'm going to use this morning. We also have a black light that I found in the resource room. The popup book page today will be a picture of a road. The children will glue the father on the left hand side of the road. He will be looking down the long road. There is a flap that opens up revealing the same road, but even longer. When they open the flap, they will see the son very small in the distance, walking towards his father.

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E with sign language.

The Lost Son Magnet Puzzle

Sing: Parables of Jesus. This song teaches the kids what a parable is for. It doesn't actually use the word parable though. It calls them stories. The parables highlighted are the 3 lost parables.

The Parables Flip Chart. We'll just go over the introductory card and then the 3 lost parables. Later we'll add the other parables. This is really a short flip chart. I could just find 1 picture for each parable.

Pop-up Book. We'll be making a pop-up book this month. Each parable will have a page in the book. This week we will be making a lift the flap page. It is described above. Each class we will do a different page and glue the pages together to make a book.

Attendance Chart: The attendance chart has a picture of Jesus teaching people. Each class, the children will add a picture of the parable we learned that day.

The Lost Sheep Blacklight Story

Sing new songs: The Bright Red Crab and Bumbling Bumble Bee. These songs went over well Wed PM.

Review previous lessons with the Song Timeline.

End class with a prayer. Let each child that wants to say a prayer.