Saturday, July 01, 2006

Life of Christ Lesson 1

Tomorrow is the big promotion day. I will lose 4 kids and I don't think I gain any. That's fine. I'll have 5 regular kids -- a perfect size class for this age.

This is the first lesson about the life of Christ. We will spend a month studying:

  • Baby Jeus
  • Jesus in the Temple (at 12 years old)
  • Jesus is baptized
  • Zacchaeus
  • Jesus Loves the Children

I don't have everything ready yet, so my lesson plan looks pretty weak. I will probably add some things from my toddler's Baby Jesus box to get us through the morning.

My lesson plan is:

Opening Activity:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E with sign language.

Baby Jesus Magnetic Puzzles

Sing: Jesus Grows Up -- This song has not been put online yet. I hope to in the next few days.

Life of Christ Flip Chart

Review the lesson with the Jesus Flannelgraph story. Thanks to my soon to be daughter in-law, this is ready.

Sing: We learned a bunch of new songs at VBS. The kids will probably be requesting these. They weren't new to me, just the kids. I had forgotten about most of them.

Return to Seats

Baby Jesus Blacklight story.

Review previous lessons with the Song Timeline.

Let each child that wants to say a prayer.