Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Parables -- The Good Samaritan

What a difference a year makes. I have 3 and 4 year olds in my Bible class. The sorting activity we did Sunday AM (separating the good fish from the bad fish) was a good example of this. The 2 four year olds caught on quickly and had the fish separated in no time. The 2 three year olds never did quite get the hang of it. In fact, my 3 year old wanted to line his fish up like he does his little cars at home. I'll try to give them some time tonight to repeat this activity. Maybe the 3 year olds will get the idea.

We'll be studying about the Good Samaritan tonight. I've had a rough week this week and didn't get the next page for the popup book ready. We'll just have to do The Good Samaritan tonight and Sunday AM. I've got a lot of good stuff in my Toddler Good Samaritan box I can use.

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E with sign language.

The Good Fish/Bad Fish Magnet Puzzle -- We'll do this one again. I haven't finished the Good Samaritan puzzle yet.

Sing: Parables of Jesus.

Activity: Use Little People's figures (wheel chair, patient, doctor and helper) from my Good Samaritan Toddler box. There is enough of these to for each child to have a set. Talk about people that need help and ways we can help them.

The Parables Flip Chart. We'll go over all the parables tonight.

Blacklight Story -- The Good Samaritan

Attendance Chart: The attendance chart has a picture of Jesus teaching people. Each class, the children will add a picture of the parable we learned that day.

Sit on floor. Have each child sit on the floor after they've put their attendance chart sticker up.

Activity: This is the same activity from Sunday AM. This will be a good time to repeat it. I made large (about 3" wide) fish. Some are very cute and some are quite ugly. We'll put those on the floor in a pile. The children will get to sort through the fish, putting the "good" fish in one pile and the "bad" fish another.

Pop-up Book. Since I don't have a page ready to complete for tonight, we'll just use the book for review. The kids love to find the coin, sheep and son. Now that there are fish to sort through, this book takes a little time.

Sing new songs: The Bright Red Crab and Bumbling Bumble Bee.

Review previous lessons with the Song Timeline.

End class with a prayer. Let each child that wants to say a prayer.

If there's time talk about manners in the church building using the flashcards in the room.

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