Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life of Christ Lesson 3

Sunday morning, my 3 year old woke up sick. since we live next to the church building I would normally let one of the older boys stay with him so I could teach my class. But, it just seemed better for me to stay home with him. He needed his mommy. The decision to stay with him was made shortly before time for class to start. That meant that my assistant teacher didn't know she was going to teach until she got to class. I hated to do that to her, but I understand she did fine.

They didn't do the "touch and feel" book Sunday AM, so we'll get to do that tonight. I have the blacklight story ready to go. It was all put together, but I needed to put the story on the back of the pages. This time, I used really large print, so it would be easier to see in the dark. The room is finally decorated. I hope to have pictures to post soon.

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E with sign language. We're trying to add new movements to these songs once in a while. The kids are coming along quite well.

Introduction to Story: Snip'n'Tell Manger Scene This is not an activity to be done on the spur of the moment. It didn't get done Sun AM, so I'll attempt it tonight. I've got to find time to practice.

Boy Jesus Magnetic Puzzles

Boy Jesus Flip Chart

Sing: Jesus Grows Up -- This song has not been put online yet. I hope to in the next few days.

Life of Christ Flip Chart

Touch and Feel Book: We're going to make a touch and feel book about Baby Jesus. Today we'll do the first page. It is a picture of baby Jesus that we'll glue a piece of felt on top of (just on one end). The kids will be able to lift the "blanket" to see the baby underneath. We'll add a page to this book each week.

Attendance Chart: Our attendance chart this month is a manger scene. I'll let the kids glue Mary, Joseph and the baby on tomorrow. Then, each class session we'll add an animal or a star. These pictures came out of Palma Smiley's To Toddler's With Love.

Move to the floor.

Review the lesson with the Jesus Flannelgraph story.

Return to Seats and do the small Flannelgraph boxes. The pictures in these this time are of Jesus as a baby, as a young boy and as a grown man. The kids will be able to put them on their flannel board in order. This would also be a good time to sing the new "I'll Grow Up Like Jesus" song again.

As time permits, do the following:

Activities borrowed from my Baby Jesus box for the toddler class.

Review previous lessons with the Song Timeline.

Let each child that wants to say a prayer.

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