Tuesday, June 20, 2006

VBS -- God's Plan of Salvation -- Wednesday

Class went well today. I had a very capable substitute. I stayed to help, she did the talking and singing. She did a great job.

The craft activity for the day was tye dying t-shirts. One of the conversions discussed today was Lydia. She was a seller of purple. To help the kids remember, they prepared their t-shirts (tied them up with rubber bands) for dying purple. Tonight, the craft teacher and her daughter will do the dirty work (dying the shirts). Tomorrow the kids will get to see the end result.

The craft teacher also made a jail for one of the classrooms. It is really neat looking. While that class was in craft time, we took our kids into their room and let the kids get in the jail. They were really excited about it. We got some pictures. I'll try to post them later.

Tomorrow, Dawn will again teach for me. I'm going to do the lesson plan, and she can use it however she wants. We will be discussing repentance. The Bible story will be how the Jews on the day of Pentecost were told to repent.

My Lesson Plan for Wednesday is:

Pass out salvation gloves and sing Salvation.

Review the past 2 lessons. Point out the posters on the wall and help them remember the main points we talked about.

Object Talk:

Teach them that Repent means to change or be sorry for what you've done and want to make it right.

Pass out the wooden hearts. When we are doing wrong, our hearts are hard. We want do what we want no matter what.

Pass out the stuffed hearts. When we are repentant, our hearts soften. We see that we have done wrong and want to change.

The teacher will have several pictures of kids doing various activities. Some of the kids are doing good things, some are doing bad things. All of these pictures came out of Thru-the-Bible Coloring Pages. Discuss the picture. Let the kids decide if the child has a hard heart or a soft heart. Have the kids hold up the appropriate heart.

Pass out third page of pop-up book. Help the kids glue the wooden heart on the side of the page that talks about having a hard heart. Then help them glue the soft heart to the other side of the page. If there's time glue these side-by-side to the other pages of their book.

Review the past 3 days using the pop-up book -- hear, believe, repent

Remove the cover from the poster labeled REPENT.

Tell the story of the Jews conversion on the day of Pentecost in the 2nd chapter of Acts. Emphasize the fact that after hearing they had killed Jesus (their savior), they were pricked in the heart. They asked what they should do and Peter said to repent and be baptized.

Craft time. We'll see what the teacher has planned for today.

Return to class.

Pass out story folders. This activity should be done basically the same as yesterday. Review story, ask review question, discuss application picture, allow the children time to color the picture. While they're coloring either talk to them about the picture, sing songs or review questions some more.

Attendance Chart -- I keep forgetting to mention this, but we are getting it done during class. Their attendance charts have a place for each day of the week. They get to add a paper hand to the correct day when they are there. It's very simple, but again reminds them of the hand which should remind them of the steps to salvation.

If there is time remaining, sing songs that will be sung in the auditorium.

Prayer -- Each child can have a turn saying a prayer, or just 1 or just the teacher.

Go to the auditorium. We will be meeting with the rest of the classes in the auditorium. Danny will review the story with the kids in the form of a game -- Keeping score (boys vs girls) throughout the week. We'll sing some songs and then go home.

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