Thursday, June 22, 2006

VBS -- God's Plan of Salvation -- Friday

Tomorrow is our last day of VBS. We've had a good week. I've finally got my voice back, so I get to teach again. We'll be talking about Baptism and Saul's conversion. We've got a lot of reviewing to do and a lot of wrapping things up to do. It should be a busy, fun class. I'm going to post some pictures as I go through this lesson plan. I hope you enjoy them.

Here are the 2 bulletin boards (wall decorations) that are in the room. The hand is huge. Each day we reveal the picture for that day's lesson. Hopefully that helps keep the kid's minds focused on what we're talking about and keeps them interested in the new lesson.

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My Lesson Plan for Thursday is:

Pass out salvation gloves and sing Salvation. Each child will get to take a glove home with them.
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Review the past 4 lessons. Point out the posters on the wall and help them remember the main points we talked about.

Object Talk:

We're going to learn that we need to be baptized. To introduce the idea of baptism, we are going to bury a toy man in some dirt and talk about burial. Then we'll baptize the man in water. I hope to show them that baptism is a burial in water. Just like Christ was buried and raised, we are buried and raised.

Review the past 4 days using the pop-up book --

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The pop-up book page for today is a person being baptized. The children will color their person and then we'll help them put the brad in the right place so they can baptize them.

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Remove the cover from the poster labeled BAPTISM.

Tell the story of Saul's conversion. Emphasize the fact that he was not doing what Jesus wanted him to do. Jesus told to go into the city to be told what to do. Ananias told him to be baptized. He was baptized and went on to become a great teacher.

Craft time. We've all enjoyed having one person handle this for all the classes. It has given us something to look forward to everyday. It has also given us a reason to get out of the classroom and stretch our legs.

Take the children behind the stage area and let them see the baptistry. I don't imagine any of these kids have seen it.

Return to class.

Pass out story folders. This activity should be done basically the same as yesterday. Review story, ask review question, discuss application picture, allow the children time to color the picture. While they're coloring either talk to them about the picture, sing songs or review questions some more.
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While I'm doing the folders with the kids, Dawn will be putting together their pop-up books. When she is done we will trace the kids' hands on the front cover of their book.

Attendance Chart

Help the kids get all their things together and put them in a bag to take home.

Pass out their certificate of achievements. Praise them for coming to class and behaving so well.

If there is time remaining, sing songs that will be sung in the auditorium.

Prayer -- Each child can have a turn saying a prayer, or just 1 or just the teacher.

Go to the auditorium. We will be meeting with the rest of the classes in the auditorium. Danny will review the story with the kids in the form of a game -- Keeping score (boys vs girls) throughout the week. We'll sing some songs and then go home.

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