Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daniel And the Lion's Den

This is our last lesson with Daniel. This quarter has gone by quickly. I think it's because I was more prepared than I have been the last couple of quarters. In fact, I found an activity in my box a minute ago that I had forgotten about. We'll make time to get to it today.

I'm going to draft some helpers tonight. We'll be making lion puppets. I don't usually do this type of craft, but this was irresistible. I'll try to get pictures in a couple of days for you to see. The instructions came from How to Make Puppets With children. I've precut everything and all they have to do is some gluing, but it is too much for me to handle on my own. I'm hoping to a teacher for every 3 kids.

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E

Opening Activity: We'll start class with the lion puppet. This will give everything time to dry.

Sing: Daniel

Daniel Sequence Cards: We usually do the flip chart here. Instead, we will do the sequnce cards (these are the ones I had forgotten about, and found in the box today). There is a set of large sequence cards (the pictures came from Soul-ly For Kids) so we can review the lesson as a class. Then each child has a set of small (baseball cards sized) sequence cards to see if they can put it in order themselves.

Sing: God Will Take Care of You using the flip chart.

Black Light Story -- Daniel

Attendance Chart -- Their attendance charts are looking quite delicious. They will get to take them home tonight.

As they finish putting their food on the paper plate, tell them to get a pillow and sit down on the floor with it.

Story Review: Clip'n'Tell by Karen Henley. I really blew this one Sun AM. I practiced a little more and I think it will look great this time. Sun AM the lion had 2 eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths. The kids thought it was pretty funny.

Old Testament books -- Work together with the large blue cards (books of law), large red cards (books of history), the green cards (books of poetry and the first 3 Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations). Let each child take a turn pointing to and saying the books on the wall with the hand pointer. After each child has had a turn, let them return to their seat. Give each child his set of OT cards to put in order on his own.

If there is time let them do the small flannelgraph boxes. This is a review of the fiery furnace.

Let each child that wants to say a prayer.

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