Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Daniel and His Friends Choose Good Food to Eat Lesson 2

Sunday morning we had a class full. Our classroom is set up for 6 comfortably, 8 is a tight squeeze. We normally have 6-7. But, we had a couple of visitors and everyone that normally comes was there. We had 9 in class. It was a lot, but we had a good time.

Since it was the first lesson on Daniel, they were very attentive to everything we did. It's always nice to have new material. I think the way we're using a lesson for a month is great, but the change is nice.

Tonight's lesson will basically be a repeat of Sunday AM. There were a couple of things we weren't able to get to, so it will still be exciting for them. The older ones are enjoying the challenge of memorizing the OT books. The younger just play along.

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E We are learning The B-I-B-L-E in sign language. The kids like challenge and so do I.

Opening Activity: Let children choose the healthy food to eat out of the plastic food in the classroom.

Sing: Daniel

Daniel Flip Chart.

Sing: God Will Take Care of You using the flip chart.

Attendance Chart -- Our attendance chart this month will be just a plain white paper plate stapled to the wall. In the center of the paper plate is the child's name with the words "Daniel chot to eat good food". I found some great pictures of vegetables on the internet, that are copied and cut out. Each week, the children will add a different vegetable to their plate.

As they finish putting their food on the paper plate, tell them to sit down on the floor in front of the flannel graph. We will just go over the first scene -- Daniel and his friends choosing the good food.

Review previous lessons with the Song Timeline. This is just pictures from each lesson with the song glued to the back. The songs can be found here: Bible Songs.

Old Testament books -- Work together with the large blue cards (books of law), and the next 3 red cards (1/2 Samuel, 1/2 Kings, 1/2 Chronicles). Then let each child take a turn pointing to and saying the books on the wall with the hand pointer. After each child has had a turn, let them return to their seat. Give each child his set of OT cards to put in order on his own.

If there is time do the food matching folder activity. This is just a colored folder with different foods laminated to the inside. The children are to match the food (laminated individually) to the pieces in the folder. It will be great for the 2 youngest kids in the class.


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