Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Okay, confession time. I don't really follow these lesson plans to the letter. I just have to go with the flow when I get into the class. Depending on which kids are there, if I have an adult helper, what my mood is and what the kids' moods are, I adjust the lesson plan. Sunday AM I didn't do the small flannelgraph boxes, the large flannelgraph or the song timeline. I didn't think we had enough time to do a good job with them. I knew we would have enough time Wed PM. I also didn't think the kids were in the mood for it. We will try to do it tonight.

We did a memory game instead. Soul-ly for Kids has some great pictures to use. I made 4 sets of each picture (Elijah, the widow, her son, flour/oil, altar, chariot of fire). We had 2 games going at the same time. One on one end of the table and the other one the other end. We played memory (each child turns over 2 cards and if they match they keep the cards and go again). Each time they got a match, they had to tell me something about the picture. They really seemed to enjoy it. It was a little too advanced for my 3 year olds (there are 2 in this class), but they enjoyed watching and we let them turn over cards whenever they wanted to.

I finally got the song for Elijah online. You can see and listen to it here:
Elijah song.

There is also a new one for Jonah if you click here:

Jonah song

My lesson plan is:

Sing: Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E We are learning The B-I-B-L-E in sign language. The kids like challenge and so do I.

Magnetic Puzzle -- Elijah and the Ravens

Sing: Elijah.

Elijah Flip Chart.

Sing: God Will Take Care of You using the flip chart.

Attendance Chart -- Add a raven to the picture of Elijah sitting down by the tree.

After a child adds his raven to his attendance chart, have him choose a pillow and sit on the floor in front of the flannel board.

Retell Elijah's story using the Betty Lukens Flannelgraphs.

Old Testament books -- Work together with the large blue cards (books of law). Then let each child take a turn pointing to and saying the books on the wall with the hand pointer. After each child has had a turn, pass out the individual sets of cards with the blue cards (the law). Let each child practice putting them in order.

Review previous lessons learned with Song Timeline.

Return to seats.

Small Flannelgraph boxes. This week we will add the widow, her son and the flour oil pictures.


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