Saturday, April 01, 2006

Elijah Is Fed By The Ravens

Tomorrow we begin our study of Elijah. The main point I want to get across to the kids is that God took care of Elijah. The song I have written about Elijah stresses this point. We will be talking about:

  • God using the ravens to feed Elijah
  • God feeding Elijah, the widow and her son
  • God helping Elijah raise the widow's son
  • God showing his power over Ahab's false god in "the contest of the altars"
  • God parting the Jordan so Elijah and Elisha could walk across on dry ground
  • God taking Elijah in a chariot of fire.

We will also be learning the hymn "God Will Take Care of You". I made a flip chart to illustrate the phrases of the 1st verse and chorus. The pictures came from Thru-The-Bible Coloring Books.

My lesson plan is:

I'm going to change our opening song to Jesus Loves Me. I'm hoping to learn it in sign language and teach it to the kids. We'll sing it normally tomorrow.

Magnetic Puzzle -- Elijah is fed by the Ravens

Sing: Elijah. I hope to have this song online in the next week or two.

Elijah Flip Chart.

Sing: God Will Take Care of You using the flip chart.

Attendance Chart -- Our attendance chart this month is a picture of Elijah seated by a tree next to a brook. Each time the children come to class they will add a raven. The picture came from Soul-ly For Kids.

Small Flannelgraph boxes. These are pencil boxes with a piece of flannel glued to the inside of the cover. Each child has their own. The pieces used for class are stored in the box. They really enjoy doing this activity. We will add pieces to the boxes each week. This week there is a picture of Elijah and 4 ravens.

Have children sit on their pillows on the floor.

Read When I'm a Daddy. This book is similar to When I'm A Mommy. It takes passages from the Bible that tell a daddy what to do. A little boy talks about what a good daddy he'll be someday. I was supposed to read this Wednesday night, but I forgot to take it to class. We'll read it this week.

Sing Whatever I Will Be When I Grow Up. This is a great song. I have several career hats the kids get to wear. When we talk about their "career", they get to stand up. We also sing the verses If I should be a mommy/daddy when I grow up. I bought a cowboy hat this week. Someone will get to be a Christian cowboy tonight.

Review previous lessons learned with Song Timeline.

If time permits, do some of the generic activities on the shelves.

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