Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Solomon Lesson 8

Tonight is our final night to study Solomon. We've spent the past 3 months on the kings -- Saul, David and Solomon. It is time now to move on to the prophets. Next week we will begin studying Elijah, Daniel and Jonah. I've had my dear friends feverishly helping me get the material ready for Elijah. But, for now, I've got to give Solomon a grand send off.

Tonight we will learn our last Proverb for our Proverb Pocket. The kids will get to take their Proverb Pockets home. They will also get to take their money pouch attendance charts home. We'll read from the book When I'm a Daddy after we sing "Whatever I Will Be When I Grow Up". It should be a fun class.

My lesson plan is:

This Little Light Of Mine -- Turn on battery candle. Use it to remind the kids to behave.

Magnetic Puzzle -- Solomon's Exotic Animals

Sing: Solomon Listen to Song

Solomon Flip Chart. Read entire flip chart.

Sing "Go To The Ant" by Glenda Schales. We've been singing this frequently. They are learning the words. Now they will learn that Solomon wrote these words in Proverbs.

Attendance Chart -- Our attendance chart this month is a cloth pouch. They've definitely picked up on the fact that Solomon was rich. I've tried to point out at teach lesson that he became rich because God was pleased with his desire to be wise. I hope that's the main lesson that sticks.

Pass out Proverb Pockets with colored illustration of the 3 Proverbs we have studied so far in it. Review it with the kids so hopefully they will memorize it. Add the last card to their pockets. Pass out the Proverbs color sheet that corresponds with the new card. Give the kids a little time to color their picture. Take these up until time to leave.

Have children sit on their pillows on the floor.

Read Writing in Bible Times flip chart.

Read When I'm a Daddy. This book is similar to When I'm A Mommy. It takes passages from the Bible that tell a daddy what to do. A little boy talks about what a good daddy he'll be someday.

Sing Whatever I Will Be When I Grow Up. This is a great song. I have several career hats the kids get to wear. When we talk about their "career", they get to stand up. We also sing the verses If I should be a mommy/daddy when I grow up. I bought a cowboy hat this week. Someone will get to be a Christian cowboy tonight.

Review previous lessons learned with Song Timeline.


If time permits, do some of the generic activities on the shelves.

Pass out Proverb Pockets, Color Sheets and Attendance Charts to take home.

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