Wednesday, February 15, 2006

David and Jonathan Lesson 1

Tonight we will learn about David and Jonathan. In addition to the other class activities we have used for David, we will add David and Jonathan magnetic puzzle and David and Jonathan flannel graph boxes. These flannel graph boxes are school pencil boxes with a piece of flannel glued inside the lid. The pieces that are to be used are stored in the box. Each child has their own set. They are able to tell the story using their own flannel graph board and pieces. This is a great activity for this age.

I sent the attendance charts home Sunday morning. They loved them. We stapled an extra piece of foam to the crowns to fit the child's head. They all wore them with great pride. I haven't had time to do another attendance chart. Maybe with all the new activities they won't miss it.

My lesson plan is:
This Little Light Of Mine -- Turn on battery candle. Use it to remind the kids to behave.

The activities involving the shepherd's hat, flip chart, etc will be used as time allows.

The shepherd's hats are a big hit. I took the camera Sun AM, but for some reason (I think batteries) it wouldn't work. I'll try again tonight.

Read Shepherd Flip Chart. This is a flip chart that will give the kids some idea of what daily life was like for the shepherd.

Use wooden blocks to make sheepfold. There are enough toy lions for each child to have one. There is just one toy bear. Let the kids act out a how a shepherd protects his sheep. They really enjoy this.

Pass out Wooden Harps. Talk to them about how shepherds (David) used them to pass the time. Emphasize that David sang songs of praise to God. Let them hold them during the next activity.

The Lord's My Shepherd flip chart. This flip chart will help the kids learn the song from our hymnal. We will just do the first verse. Take the harps back up and put away.

Magnetic David and Jonathan Puzzle.

Sing: David

David Flip Read Chart. I will need to read up to and including the Goliath part of the flip chart.

Move to Storytime area (floor. The kids have gotten accustomed to doing this. I'm able to just ask them to quietly move to the floor with their pillows and they do so.

Flannel graphs reviewing lesson of David being anointed, David and Goliath and David with Jonathan.

Do the activity with the pouches and rocks. If they are behaving, let them hold the pouches while we go over the story with flannel graphs. Otherwise, take them up.

While we're on the floor would be a good time to let a few of them try on the armor. Depending on how many kids I have and their energy level, I may let them throw plastic rocks (from my kids Flisher Price castle set) at the Goliath on the wall.

Return to seats.

Add the sword to the Goliath picture that has been added to their take home book. Next Wednesday, we will add a picture of David the king.

If there is time do Karyn Henley's Snip-n-Tell. I didn't get to this Sunday. I need to make an effort to do it tonight. It's really neat.

"Trust and Obey" flip chart. This flip chart is to help teach the song by the same name. It is really for lessons with Saul, but they really like it, so we'll keep using it for a while.


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