Saturday, January 21, 2006

David Is Anointed King

Tomorrow we have our first lesson on David. There will be a total of 5 separate lessons, but there will be 10 class sessions. The lessons will be:

David Is Anointed King
David Plays for Saul
David and Goliath
David and Jonathan
David Becomes King

I finally have the classroom decorated for David. I'll try to get pictures of it sometime this week.

My lesson plan is:

This Little Light Of Mine -- Turn on battery candle. Use it to remind the kids to behave.

Read Shepherd Flip Chart . This is a flip chart that will give the kids some idea of what daily life was like for the shepherd.

The Lord's My Shepherd flip chart. This flip chart will help the kids learn the song from our hymnal. We will just do the first verse.

Magnetic Puzzle of David and Goliath. We aren't covering Goliath yet, but the kids love doing these puzzles. It will just have to do.

Sing: David

David Flip Read Chart. This flip chart covers all of David's life that I intend to cover in class. I may just use half of it this week. We'll have to how the kids attention spans are.

Attendance charts -- crowns -- We're using the same crowns we did for Saul. The kids need more chances to put lots of star on the crowns.

Move to Storytime area (floor)with Bibles -- Call each child one at a time and place a pillow on the floor where that child is to sit. After he/she is seated, call the next child up.

I don't have the flannelgraph ready for David yet. So, we'll use our song timeline (pictures of characters we've studied with their songs on the back). This will be a good time to review and sing the new song David again..

Return to seats. They like to sing the God Made The Little Frog and The Little Mouse song before they sit down. They can get kind of loud. We'll see how it goes.

"Trust and Obey" flip chart. This flip chart is to help teach the song by the same name. It is really for lessons with Saul, but they really like it, so we'll keep using it for a while.


Sing: Let the kids choose their favorite songs to sing.

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