Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Samuel Lesson 2

I ran out of time this weekend and didn't get a lesson plan written up. It worked out okay because I had planned to do a repeat of the first lesson. I'll list below what we did.

Here's what we did:

This Little Light Of Mine
I didn't use the candle this time for good behavior. With the addition of my new student, I figured it would be off all the time anyway.

Discuss prayer using the prayer box in class. Our prayer box has a picture wheel on the front with pictures that go along with the song: Pray in the morning, pray at noontime pray in the evening pray anytime. I sang that with them and then we talked about what we should pray for -- ask for things we need, praise God, thank God for what He has given us. I said the prayer so they could imitate it later and to give us more time for the class.

Read Hannah's Prayer Flip Chart

Do Samuel Magnetic Puzzles

Sing: Samuel

Move to Storytime area (floor)with Bibles -- Call each child one at a time to place their attendance picture on their chart. Place a pillow on the floor where that child is to sit. After he/she is seated, call the next child up.

Read Samuel Flip Chart. We had 7 in class, so our floor space was limited. I may have to reconsider doing this when we have so many in class.

I'm a Hero!
A Great Big Squeak (With pic of mice)
Hop! Goes the Frog (With pic of frog)

Ask children one at a time to return their pillow to the pillow tote, then sit down at the table.

They have been begging to do the "bubbles". Since we had a few minutes left, we did them. We sing the song -- It isn't any trouble just to s-m-i-l-e. I blow the bubbles while we sing. They love it.

Before I let them loose, I talked to them about behaving politely in the auditorium. I don't know how much good this does for the other kids, but I know with my 2 that it

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