Saturday, December 24, 2005

Samuel Grows Up:

Our lesson today will concentrate on Samuel growing up. We will learn about what it was like to be a child in Bible days. What they ate, how they played, how they learned, etc. The take home for today is a of Samuel as a young boy.

My lesson plan is:

This Little Light Of Mine

Discuss prayer using the prayer box in class. I will let each child say a prayer that wants to. We've been concentrating on saying 3 things in a prayer. Praise God, Thank God, and Ask God for something. At first I thought it might be too much for them. All they had been doing was thanking God for everything. But, Wednesday night I saw a great improvement. One of the boys even prayed for a child who wasn't there. I hadn't even talked about those that were missing.

Read Samuel Flip Chart

Do Samuel Magnetic Puzzles

Sing: Samuel

Read flip chart about being a child in Bible times.

Sing Samuel song again if they are interested.

Move to Storytime area (floor)with Bibles -- Call each child one at a time to place their attendance picture on their chart. Place a pillow on the floor where that child is to sit. After he/she is seated, call the next child up.

Flannelgraph story -- We've only done this once this month. Hopefully we can fit it in tomorrow.

If there is time, use the hand pointer to review the books of the NT. As the children have a turn at saying the books, ask them to put their pillow up and sit at the table. I haven't had time for this lately. We'll see if we get to it this week.

Pass out the take home after they settle down into their seats.

If there is time I'll choose from the following:

They have been begging to do the "bubbles". Since we had a few minutes left, we did them. We sing the song -- It isn't any trouble just to s-m-i-l-e. I blow the bubbles while we sing. They love it.

I'm a Hero!
A Great Big Squeak
(With pic of mice)
Hop! Goes the Frog (With pic of frog)

Discuss manners in the auditorium.

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