Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eli the High Priest part 2:

Am I the only one that thought Samuel was a high priest? There is defintely truth to the fact that if you teach you learn more than the kids do. I had it in my head that Samuel became the high priest (or at least a priest). Actually, there is no way he could since he is not a Levite. I will have to go back and redo a couple of cards in my flip chart. To set the record straight, Samuel was a judge and only a judge. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

Last week, I didn't send home the little boy Samuel take home. A friend of mine made about 5 take homes for me to use this month. Since we were talking about the High Priest, I sent home the scroll. It is a piece of paper with a passage from Psalms written on it. It is rolled up and tied with a ribbon. It represents the fact that High Priests and Priests taught the people about God.

Tonight I'm going to let them help me make ephods to take home. These will consist of a piece of yellow poster board (about 6"X6") with a string to go around their neck. I will cut out jewels of different colored paper to represent the jewels on the ephod. The kids will get to glue their jewels one their ephod and then wear the ephod home. In case you didn't know (and to remind me) there were 12 jewels. Each one represented one of the 12 tribes of Israel. You may notice that this is all in the future tense. It is now 3PM. I've got to get this done before 7PM. The 2 little ones are bathed, dressed for church, and at least laying down for a nap. Now's my chance to get it done.

My lesson plan is:

This Little Light Of Mine

Discuss prayer using the prayer box in class. I will let each child say a prayer that wants to.

Read Samuel Flip Chart

Do Samuel Magnetic Puzzles

Sing: Samuel

Read High Priest/Priest Flip Chart.

Make Ephods. Set aside to dry.

Sing Samuel song again if they are interested.

Move to Storytime area (floor)with Bibles -- Call each child one at a time to place their attendance picture on their chart. Place a pillow on the floor where that child is to sit. After he/she is seated, call the next child up.

Flannelgraph story

or if they would rather

Sequence pictures. I think we've had enough lessons to let the children sequence Samuel's story. We'll see. I had to remove one of my sequence pictures, because I had Samuel grown up to be a High Priest (see note above).

If there is time, use the hand pointer to review the books of the NT. As the children have a turn at saying the books, ask them to put their pillow up and sit at the table.

If there is time I'll choose from the following:

They have been begging to do the "bubbles". Since we had a few minutes left, we did them. We sing the song -- It isn't any trouble just to s-m-i-l-e. I blow the bubbles while we sing. They love it.

I'm a Hero!
A Great Big Squeak
(With pic of mice)
Hop! Goes the Frog (With pic of frog)

Discuss manners in the auditorium.

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